On 16th August 1819 in St Peter's Fields, Manchester, armed cavalry charged a peaceful crowd of around 60,000 people gathered to listen to anti-poverty and pro-democracy speakers. It is estimated that 18 were killed, and over 700 seriously injured.

We are campaigning for a PROMINENT, EXPLANATORY and RESPECTFUL memorial to this major event in the history of Manchester and its people, and to those who died that day.

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Campaign Latest

Council Leader Richard Leese has announced that the artist they're offering the memorial design to is Turner Prize winner Jeremy Deller. View his work to date.

Jeremy was very supportive of the Campaign with this 'Procession' piece.

There'll be updates about this on our Facebook page, and our Twitter account, so feel free to join us there, and let us know your reaction...

Manchester City Council have committed to a new memorial to Peterloo, which will be part of the redevelopment of the St Peter's Square area.

We have been lobbying the Council to ensure there is some democratic input to the design of the memorial. We will work with them and anyone else in the city who shares our interest in creating a fitting and high quality memorial to the Peterloo Massacre.

Design Competition

We have several designs proposed by the public which we put out to vote via Facebook. - view the designs and see which came top of the vote.


2013 Anniversary

We were pleased to have actress Maxine Peake, fresh from her performance of Shelley's 'Masque of Anarchy' join us (along with the Lord Mayor) to read the names of the dead under the Peterloo plaque on the side of the former Free Trade Hall for the 16th August commemoration.

There was a record turnout, and an excellent, accurate piece from the M.E.N. was part of a pretty wide (but very varying in quality) media interest. See more video and photos of the 2013 Anniversary.

Are you related to a Peterloo protestor?

Carnegie Publishing Ltd have released a sample cross section of names from the full list of over 650 included in Professor Michael Bush's 2005 book 'The Casualties of Peterloo'.
Download the list here